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Troy Denning & Ed Greenwood "Death of the dragon"
[ · Скачать (266 kb) ] 24.11.2007, 23:28

Seven Scourges - five long gone, one of the day, and one soon to come - open the door no man can close. Out come the armies of the dead and the legions of the devil made by itself, to sweep all Cormyr away in ruin, unless those long dead rise to stand against them.
- The Prophecies of Alaundo
The realm has endured a thousand years and more. For all that time, an Obarskyr has sat upon the Purple Throne. But under the tearing talons of dark magic, fell foes, and a dragon more vicious than any ever encountered, how much longer can the royal family of Cormyr endure? Or the kingdom herself?

Книга на английском языке.

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